17 hours and 49 minutes


Publisher: Penguin Audio


Release Date: January 21, 2010


Read by Caitriona Keyes




I have tried really hard to find out the relationship between Caitriona Keyes and Marian Keyes but I could not and then would not waste more time than I already did.


I have read many of Marian Keyes’ books, this is the first one I have listened to.


The minute I heard the name of the reader I thought there might be an issue, hiring relatives to read can be just as failing as hiring relatives for whatever else.


This woman sounds old, she forgets where she left off and she repeats sentences many times, she cannot reproduce any accents and destroys the whole book. It took me a lot of will to go through it all, sometimes my ears would simply hurt, her voice makes me cringe now after forcing myself to listen to it for about eighteen hours; getting used to the voice and the artificial Irish accent (although she is from Dublin, she could have got that one right) did not happen as I was desperately hoping for.


The book is about young couples, so Penguin Audio has done it again! I do not know what sort of contracts they have and how little they pay for audio books to be read, but they surely seem to be picking the wrong people for the jobs.


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