Hachette is bringing us the audio book version of ROOM, starring Michal Friedman, Ellen Archer, Robert Petkoff and Suzanne Toren.

This audio book is so unique that I almost hesitate, not knowing how to start. The voice is of a five year old and so is the story. Having a nephew who is going to be five soon as well as a stepson who was five a few years ago I can attest that sound of voice as well as way of speaking (syntax and diction) correspond without doubt.

The different voices are always such a great plus for audio books, as no matter how magnificently one masters accents and inflection, different voices always distinguish characters better. This case is no different.

ROOM, the audio book version in particular deserves all the attention as it adds tremendous value to the written book: we get to be Jack, hear him, feel him a lot closer to say the least… a gigantic “go for it” and have a blast!

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