Audiobook CD, Hyperion Books Unabridged, 5 CDs, 2006, English

ISBN: 1401384056
ISBN-13: 9781401384050

The version mentioned above includes an exclusive interview with the author.

The idea of Heaven is very interesting to me and to many others I suspect, although it can be a sign of ignorance. This book got massive reviews and was part of hundreds if not thousands of discussion forums.

Hmm. It is not as cheesy I thought it could be, and not as life changing as many make it out to be. There are a few ideas that are beautiful and could have been exploited, as well as quotation material that could have been brought farther with a bit more imagination. I’m not saying Mitch is not imaginative, he is just not as imaginative as he could be, which leads to a bit of boredom for a reader like me who’s looking for challenges.

All the way through I kept waiting for that wonderful momentum, the paroxysm where you discover that everything was actually a lot more intricate than it initially had appeared to be, whilst all is being revealed to you, leaving your heart content or there to debate the choice of the author. Not the case. The climax comes early, as I believe that the people Eddie meets at the beginning are far more interesting and wise than the ones met at the end.

The voice of Eddie is extremely annoying (Thank you Mitch for having other characters speak, nice breaks they were). It took stubbornness on my part to get through to the end. Mitch explains the voice as being similar to his uncle’s voice, as he wanted to bestow credit to his uncle; he apparently tried very hard to reproduce his uncle’s unique husky strong speech.

Mitch is reading the book. And the thing I enjoyed the most was the interview with him at the end. He seems like a jolly fellow, whom I agree with, you do get bored writing long books, at least I do, I can’t wait to get to the end and divulge all to the reader, there is an ultimate pleasure when your work is finished and you can show it off. So apparently not only this one, but all his books are rather short.

The thing I liked the most and stuck with me is the idea that we are not alone, that everything we do affects someone else in some way, that someone dies and we live, or so that we live, that we save lives without knowing, just as our lives are saved by others without us ever finding out…

I’ll let you decide if you want to read the book or listen to this audio book, I’m giving it equal chances to damage or heal. And it’s a short one.

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