• Moira

    The nuns called her Moira because the man who may have brought her to church was found dead at the bottom of the steps. Also, her baby rags were black with dirt and soot.

  • Separate Beds by Elizabeth Buchan

    Elizabeth Buchan is a British writer with 14 books published, category “Women Fiction”. I was curious. Tantalized by a mix…

  • The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

    Hemingway remains one of my favourite writers. I am not sure if Paula banked on Hemingway’s work being cherished by…

  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett

    This book is funny and gripping, unique in its colloquial expressions, one should buy it, read it, highlight it, and then keep it handy and refer to it just for a giggle if not for precious sound advice.

  • The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

    This is the first book I read by Kate Morton. Technically, heard it, as I am listening to most books,…